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Hey, I’m so glad you found me! Sick of going it alone? Feeling stuck? Read on…


I believe in helping my clients feel, well, unstuck! I’ve grown a brand, and let me tell ya’, we all need a helping hand with branding, marketing, and design. As a client, you aren’t a paycheck to me, you are the vibrant colors that create my fulfilling career!

I want to help you, because I know what my first year of business was like. I flew solo, and it was tough. I wish I knew how much further I could go, faster if I would have just invested in my business.

I would’ve loved to have a mentor guide me through my first year, yet I couldn’t find one that helped newbies, like me. Look no further, I am a branding strategist that will help you to the next level!

Already leveled up? Great! Let me help you make your brand look amazing!

Let’s talk if you feel overwhelmed with your branding or graphic design. Sometimes we need a professional to kick our project to the next level.


I offer other services like client consultations if you are having trouble with your branding phase. Schedule a 1:1, 45-minute long call with me! Are you unsure of color schemes to pick in your social media or website designs? Shoot me a message and stop feeling so alone in this journey!

We love company, join our Facebook page or Facebook group! We also have a lot of fun boards on Pinterest, check it out!


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Amazing Elephant Drawing in Ink

Stunning Black & White Ink Elephant Drawing

December 31, 2015

Pen drawing of tortioise

Beautiful Tortoise Ink Drawing

September 26, 2015

Watercolor & Ink Dragonfly Fantasy Drawing

Watercolor Dragonfly Sacred Geometry Drawing

September 26, 2015

Minnesota Whitetail Deer Fawn Photograph

September 25, 2015