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10 Tips for Killer Logo Design

By February 3, 2016Graphic Design
Logo post about branding, color theory, and how to make your logo work for you!


Why Do Logos Matter?

Everywhere we look we are surrounded by logos and branding. A logo serves as instant visual recognition of  a company or their products. Logos create immediate branding, a chance for customers to know your business in one single image.

With this being, said it is obvious why your logo must be great, it is the cornerstone of your image. As you all know, we only have one chance at a first impression so it better be a good one! My kids play a game called,”Logo Quiz,” and it shows how effective branding truly is! Make sure you make that professional first impression and brand your business as memorable and unique.

10 Tips for Killer Logo Design

  1. Simplicity. As they say in design school, K.I.S.S, or keep it simple, silly!
  2. Be Unique. You are helping your customer’s image stand out from other companies. Think outside the box. If you are designing for a tire company, your logo has to be unique. The first image that comes to mind is simply a round, black, tire. It’s been done a million times before. Incorporate something else into the logo. Does your customer offer cheaper prices, have a specific location, offer other services you can work into the logo? Imitation is not helpful in logo design, you want your design to stand out from the rest.
  3. Memorable. Make sure your design is distinct, yet simple. If you look like the rest, you will never stand out. Think teenagers in middle school, they all look the same!
  4. Truly Understand What You Brand. What is the brand about, not just what it looks like, but what are the deeper meanings? Does your product evoke emotion, make someone healthier, build trust? Do your research, design appropriately.
  5. Color is King. Colors evoke psychological responses. If your product is an energy drink, you wouldn’t want to use a muted, subtle color. Colors can affect our decision-making processes, emotions, and behavioral responses. Curious about the psychology of color? Visit our Color Theory Pinterest board!
  6. Understand Thy Name. Is your name unique enough you can use a custom font like Coca Cola? Awesome typography is truly beautiful. Check out some fun examples on our Typography board on Pinterest. Don’t underestimate beautiful typography! If your name is more generic, you are going to need something more visual to add to your branding. This is where adding design elements can help.
  7. Don’t Date Your Brand. Think timelessness. Remember your brand will have to have an image that looks current for years to come. This could mean you will have to make small tweaks.
  8. Versatility. You need to think of the future, if you intend to expand your product base, your logo may need to expand or say something different. Does your visual appeal look good in color, black-and-white, on signs, and coffee mugs? If your answer is no, your logo needs an update.
  9. Tell a Story. This is the second part to step 4, above. Your logo isn’t merely artwork, it has a story to tell. Think of the obvious meaning and the hidden one. Represent your brand, your name, your mission statement, and principles. Your customer will love you as a designer if you show deep thought into their brand.
  10. Scaleable. Your logo must look good at all sizes. You will be using it on items as small as business cards, all the way to large signs. If you are not a designer and intend to hire one, make sure they design it in a Vector-based program like Illustrator. This way you can scale your image in various sizes. Hire a professional, you will be glad you did.

Need help? I am available to help with your design needs! Contact me today!

We really only have one chance to make a great impression. Design with mindfulness to tell a story with your design, promote the correct image for the business or product you brand, and to appeal to a wide audience. A deeper understanding of what a business offers will help you to design an effective logo.

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