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7 Strategies to Brand Your Image Like a Boss

Graphic Brewery's post talks about all the things you need to do to brand your business and blog image.

Learn From My Mistakes!

I can really speak from experience on this post. Why is it a professional never takes their own advice? In my case, I didn’t realize I wanted to blog. My soul intent was to create a website to showcase my art and graphic design. Little did I know I would become a blogger! This experience caused me to work everything backward. I can’t count the times I have had to backtrack to fix things and appeal to a different audience. Frustrating! Below are the steps I would take if I were making a new blog or website. I hope it helps you, dear reader, to save time and money!

7 Tips to Build Your Personal Brand

  1. Create your USP. Unique sales propositions help you to key in on what you offer and do better than your competition. Why should a customer shop with you or read your blog? What makes you stand out from the rest? This can help you to figure out the next steps. Don’t underestimate the value of a great sales proposition!
  2. Figure Out Your Niche. What do you sell or what services do you offer? What is your blogging topic if you are a blogger? What can you consult on with credibility? Don’t fake it, your customers will know!
  3. Define Your Target Market. You will be a loose canon if you don’t have a good grasp on who your end user or buyer is. Don’t waste time and money trying to appeal to everyone. You can’t. Going too general when thinking about your audience will not identify your target market audience. Saying I wish to blog to food lovers is too broad. Drill down. What kind of food do you know about? Do you specialize in quick recipes that are healthy for a family, or might you appeal to fathers that like to barbecue on weekends? Jot down lists of the benefits of your goods, services, or information. Once you identify the benefits, jot down a list of who these benefits would fulfill. Dig into demographics. Consider who is a good fit for, age, location, gender, income level, and occupation.
  4. Find Core Content. Don’t make the mistake of always talking about what is important to you. People don’t want to always hear what you offer and all about your products. What do your readers care about? Improve content marketing effectiveness by figuring out what your audience really wants to hear. Pay attention to your blog comments. When you go to events, stick around for the Q & A discussions. Watch your social media discussions. Interview customers, chatting goes a long ways.
  5. Social Media. This is an excellent way to ask what your audience wishes to learn. Don’t forget the social media outlet as a useful way to promote yourself with a consistent presence. Social media is like a stream, not a book. The content continually flows past your readers. They may miss chapters you wish them to visit, whereas a book is read in order. You need to promote, promote, promote. Readers pop in-and-out, consuming information bits at a time. Share your content more than once each avenue of social media. Trickle information into the stream, often! Consider a content marketing editorial calendar. Timing posts help you execute a strategy instead of flying by the seat of your pants.
  6. Image. Create a great name and even better logo. You need to have a professional image to be taken seriously. A good logo is a trust factor and will pull your brand together. Read my article, “10 Tips for Killer Logo Design.” I am always available to create a logo design, feel free to contact me! Choose a color scheme or look board for your brand. Define your main color and an accent color or 2. Stay consistent. A font for headers and a font for body text should suffice. Less is so much more! Use classy or fun fonts, but nothing over-the-top.
  7. Time. This fits in with social media and scheduling a content calendar. You need to be present and often. Even if you are a busy parent, you can find time while waiting for an appointment to hop on Facebook and make a post. This is, even more, the reason you need a content calendar if you have a busy family like I do!  Check out my blog post, “The Busy Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Finding Time to Blog!” for time strategies I use. Be intentional with your time!

I could write in-depth on each one of these tips. This is a down-and-dirty guide to branding your company that will help you see branding is a strategic plan. Branding is many pieces of a pie, if baked right, will yield delicious returns. Happy blogging and branding! Check out our blogging resource board  and branding my business board on Pinterest and stay up-to-date on all things Graphic Brewery on our Facebook page!

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Hey there! Welcome to my site! I'm am a barely 40, mother of 2 teens girls and wife to my great husband, Drew. Creativity is in my blood, I am addicted to drawing, graphic design, photography and more. My newest addiction is blogging and my many years of marketing makes this a perfect fit for me. The outdoors has always been my happiness, from fishing to hiking, I love Minnesota! Pets are also a passion, our family also includes an English Mastiff, Dachshund, Gypsy Vanner horse, and 2 cats.

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