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8 Things to Consider In Your Professional Logo Design

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8 Things to Consider In Your Professional Logo Design

We all want to cut expenses when setting up our blog and branding, right? The biggest part of our professional image is the logo design. It is easy to think a designing a logo is a quick process. It is more than tempting to whip that baby up on our computers. Not so fast, it’s not a good idea and I will tell you several reasons why.

If you talk to many bloggers that are raking in the huge monthly salaries, most will tell you they never thought their business would grow so big. They never imagined all the new ways their branding would be used. Social media, blogs, signage, business cards, email blasts, and the list goes on.

With growth comes many new advertising avenues, thus, your logo is needed. But wait? That friend that designed your logo as a favor didn’t think about all the places your logo would be used.

You want to advertise your services a the bridal expo next month. You need large signage and your logo only prints at 2 inches by 3 inches! Your friend designed it in the wrong program and now you can’t enlarge it. Crap, now what?

See what I mean? Careful consideration needs to go into everything from the design, the program, and even different file formats.

Let’s rewind and approach your logo design from the beginning, just what do you need to consider? Well, I am glad you asked…

  1. Experience. Is your designer experienced and degreed? If not, swim away. No, I really mean it. Run! Experience doesn’t mean they designed a few logos. Experience means schooling, degrees, and professional know-how.
  2. Branding. What is your brand, what do you wish to convey? Are you a gym nut that wishes to convey an energetic blog design, or a blog about babies that needs a soft feel? An energy drink company is going to use bold lettering, bold color and in your face busy graphics. A baby clothing company will wish to convey softness and a more child-like appeal.
  3. Logo Type. What type of logo do you desire?
    • Wordmark. These are logos made up of initials or spelling out of the name. Think Ebay, Facebook, Coca-Cola. Invision unique typographical technique, simplistic and distinctive.
    • Letterform. This style is usually a couple of letters that are highly detailed in their design. Great examples are, Monster Energy “M”, Subway’s logo with the arrows, and a sneakier one is FedEx. If you look closely there is an arrow between the letters.
    • Pictorial. These logos use symbols to brand their image. Playboy immediately brings to mind a bunny logo. Caribou Coffee one thinks of a coffee bean and a caribou.
    • Abstract. This style really doesn’t represent a specific drawing. Logos like Mercedes-Benz, Nike, and Toyota are great examples.
  4. Colors. Color choice is more important than most people consider. The psychology of color can mean influencing people to feel good, feel energy, feel bold, or see something as fresh. Did you know you should choose the opposite color of most of your competition, your logo will stand out better? There is a reason for the psychology of marketing and branding. Different colors pack a different emotional punch.
  5. Niche/Brand Focus. What is your business about? What makes you different or unique? Convey it.
  6. Fonts. Fonts are to be treated like colors. Fonts convey feeling. You wouldn’t see a doctor using a whimsical font. A serious industry would use a bold, strong font. Kids clothing lines would use something childish and maybe look handwritten.
  7. Cost. I hear a lot of people feeling they can design a logo for very cheap. Down the road, please think about what this will cost you. If you can just submit a form with what you want to be done, that designer isn’t getting to really know your business. It is like designing a tattoo without really understanding what the client wants. Scary? A good designer should not be expected to work for free. They provide for their families and put a lot of time into their design, hours at the minimum.
  8. Usage. What will my logo be used on? Dream big here. What would you do if you made it big? If you expanded your brand or products would your logo leave you boxed in? It is easy to wonder where the $5 logo designer would be as you realize you need more design help. Would that friend that designed a couple logos know what to do when you needed a product package designed?

I hope I have made you think a bit more about your branding and logo design. Branding is one of the biggest decisions you will make, but done properly your logo will work well for you.Need help? I happen to know a professional designer, me! Feel free to contact me if you need a hand! Still on the fence? Read my blog post, 8 Reasons You Need a Graphic Designer For Your Logo Design.  Check out our page on Pinterest and stay up-to-date on all things Graphic Brewery on our Facebook page! We would love your like!  Don’t forget to sign up for our email list for great design tips!

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