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Art Humor – Design Consultations Gone Wrong

Work Humor, Graphic Design Consultations

While waiting for an oil change, I flipped through pages of a magazine seeking something of interest to read. (Yes, some of us do actually still read printed material!) I stumbled across an article written by a designer, talking about his funny experiences with freelance clients. The article made my mind drift back to the days of working as a website design consultant and talking to customers for most of my 8 hour day.

My customers were assigned to me, and some of them I spoke with every month for a year or more. Relationships were built, families were talked about and stories were told. Certain clients became my favorite and I still miss hearing from them to this day. I knew the phone calls with most of them would be enjoyable and often very entertaining.

This made me reminisce about some of the people I miss most from a job I worked at for almost 8 years.

  1. I called a customer that was a monthly client to help him set up his specials for his website ads. He was young and had just started into the world of accessories for ATVs and dirtbikes.To my dismay, he wanted me to advertise fireworks for sale on his website, and I spent the better part of twenty minutes explaining why this wasn’t a good idea and would be illegal in many states. In the end, he admitted he had been drinking.
  2. After working with a company for a while, I transitioned into handling calls for automotive clients websites. This became a different industry from what I was used to working with. Giving me a very large client, with 21 locations, my boss told me he gave me the account and trusted I would take great care of them. I was so nervous that a minute before the call I spilled my coffee all over my keyboard and mouse.I did my hour long call and filled out my electronic forms with coffee dripping from everything. To this day, this business is my all-time favorite client I have ever worked with.
  3. While talking with one of my great clients, we started talking about our pets. Owning a mastiff, I was trying to tell them I loved big dogs. Instead, it came out, “I am a big person dog!”, all of my co-workers busted out into laughter.
  4. Design consultations can be tough, some customers can’t agree on a website design they like without showing it to anyone and everyone for their opinion. Unfortunately, this can cause the design process to spiral out-of-control, quickly. At this time, I was working with a customer that wanted to show her website design to her mechanic, her grandmother, and her accountant to get their take on the design and see if it should have been approved.Sometimes it is a delicate situation explaining that as a designer I have been trained and there are reasons I guided her in a consultation.
  5. Speaking with customers from different states can prove interesting when trying to listen closely and understand accents. A particular customer was from Louisiana. My call was to help him decide what to offer as a sale for the month on his ATVs and UTV vehicles. After some discussion, he said we should offer a “Cajun Seat Package”.  Being a little unclear, I clarified with him several times that this was what he truly meant. He assured he did.Later that month, the website ad was designed and set live to his website. Not long a call came in that I needed to return his call, something was wrong with the ad. Apparently, what he really wanted the website advertisement to say they offered a “Cage & Seat Package” if it weren’t for the fact he lived in Louisiana this would have never happened. In the end, we had a great chuckle out of it.

A funny look at graphic design humor and funny calls with phone customers

    1. Humor, make your day fierce!

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