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Does Your Logo Concept Suck? Take The Test!

By April 16, 2017Blogging, Logo Design
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There is often a lot of confusion about logo design and sadly many people try and take on designing one themselves.

Why designing your own logo isn’t helping your business!
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Many people think designing a logo is easy, grab any design program, create your logo and call it a day. Think again. It’s really not that simple.

The science of logo design needs to take a lot of things into consideration.

While your logo is not your only branding impression, it is a large piece of the pie.

I have spent a lot of time in Facebook groups and almost daily I see posts asking what people think about the latest logo creation they came up with.

Almost always, people are trying to create their own logo with little graphic design skill and it shows!

I have to shake my head and wonder if these people stop to think about how quickly they degrade the professional image of their brand.

Let’s think about this for a minute. If you walk into a physical store and it has subpar signage, shelves are barely stocked, you really feel you are in a second-rate store, right?

You may feel that the store is not big enough to take care of you if there is a purchasing problem. Would they honor returns? Do they have what you want? Do they really sell quality products?

The same goes for your website. Your home page is like window shopping a physical store. If your imagery looks unprofessional, so do you! So what can you do? Design imagery right, the first time.

Starting a business often means many of us have bootstrap funds available. I want to challenge your money mindset for a minute.

Sometimes to go faster and farther in running your business the right way, you need to make an investment in you and your business from the start.

When you put all the time, money, and passion you have in  your business, why would you cut corners on making it look professional?

I think it is arguable that a website that looks cheesy will have a high bounce and low conversion rates.

Logos are truthfully one of the first elements customers see and make decisions about your brand in mere seconds.

Don’t you want to put your best foot forward if you are truly going to launch a brand you are proud of?

Thinking of doing your design yourself? Is your logo done by you or a friend? Take our logo test to see if it will really work for you!

Download our Logo Questionaire from our resource center.


So how did you do? Do your graphics or logo need work? Work with me! Schedule your FREE 20 minute discovery call, today!

If you are not a designer, we would love to do just that for you. Create your killer brand. We would love to work with you!

Just starting out and really can’t afford much? We offer our comprehensive guide on how to get around some of the design corners.

Graphic Design Bootcamp is a beginners resource guide. It helps get your started in your DIY design endeavors.

We cover things like:

  • Logo design 101 and advice
  • What you need to know about designers, what to ask, what they should do for you, and your role
  • Basic graphic design programs for the non-designer
  • Program pros-and-cons
  • FREE Stock Photography Resources
  • Visual Content Checklist


I hope I opened your eyes to why designing logos can be a tough route to embark upon. People know quality, make your site look amazing!

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