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Farewell My Best Friend

This article talks about basic human loss, grief, photography, Nikon D5500, Nikon Coolpix, Camera, and Blogging Stock Photography

Farewell my best friend.

Dealing with loss is something we all inevitably face in our lifetime. Traumatic events burn moments of loss and shock in our minds. Vividly, I remember standing in my kitchen when I learned of the loss of my best friend, Daisy.

My mind took a trip down memory lane, of all the things Daisy and I had done together. Memories of our canoeing trip down the Brule River, in Wisconsin, were some of my favorite times. The gorgeous fall leaves, the stunning views of wildlife, and of course when she almost fell into the river. Who could forget our shenanigans, and she had the pictures to prove all of them.

Our adventures often took us to the shores of Lake Superior in my home state of Minnesota. How many times had we hiked the breathtaking trails in Duluth, admiring gorgeous vista views of the lake? Who could forget the beauty of the North Shore and our many road trips to see the stunning shoreline? Sometimes we would almost end up in Canada!

Autumn was another favorite memory. I think of taking off in my car, driving random country roads just to take in the burning colors of the woods. There was always that one day every year where Daisy and I would just go, no destination in mind, we would take off and just drive. Often I look back at the stunning autumn photography from those adventures.

I reminisce about all the good times we had. Who could forget going out in the wee hours to take in the Northern Lights? Often it would be 2 am and she never complained about getting dragged along. Many nights were spent on a road in the middle of nowhere. My favorite summer nights were watching spectacular light shows with the sky on fire.

Sometimes we have to accept what is and learn to move on. I will forever miss you, Daisy, my Nikon D5000 camera. We had some splendid times together! For those who know me, my camera is always with me, it is my right appendage. Sadly, I went to take it on an outing and turned it on before leaving. Nothing happened as she laid lifeless in my hands. The black screen of death. I am pretty sure I went into mourning for a couple months.

For those of you that share my blogging business adventures, I don’t have to tell you what the loss of a camera means. I figured I would just make due with a small Nikon Coolpix, Pixie. I bought her years ago, she has been tucked away in our cupboard. She has a whopping 8.1 megapixels, what more could I need? Sigh. Blogging images could still be taken with it, although I would miss Daisy. Daisy had such focus and clarity, I would be lost.

This weekend I had the time to start working on some blog photography for future social media posts. Painstakingly I set up some items to take some stock photo pictures. I went to turn on Pixie and I had a blank white screen! &%8$@($%, really? I couldn’t believe it! I then remembered that she had been set aside for many years. This was the go to camera when the kids needed something on field trips. The last trip she went on was to Tennessee, with my oldest daughter. Hmm, fishy, very fishy…

Upon closer inspection, I believe Pixie met a violent end. The front of the camera had a dent. Further investigations revealed the whole side of the camera could be pulled off. Cause of death, my child’s shoe or another mysterious crime committed by the infamous “Not Me,” I know you have heard of her.

So, here we are. Depression set in, what on earth was I to do without my camera? Daisy passed on about 2 months ago. My husband, Drew, had watched me mope about the house, going through various stages of grief. Anger. Depression. Denial. Seriously, what was I to do? I know I was hard to live with. I fought the good fight; I tried not to make it apparent how much I missed my old Nikon camera. Truthfully, I believe I was close to becoming enrolled in a support group.

Finally, my hubby could take no more. He offered to replace Daisy and now we will have a new member of our family joining us soon. He will be a powerful, fast, and red. Did I mention he is a Nikon D5300 digital SLR with 24 megapixels! I am so excited, that is almost double what Daisy could do! His name shall be Diego, and he shall be mine.

Deep down I will miss Daisy, I hope she is happy in the big studio in the sky, frolicking with all the F-stops and ISO galore! I feel guilty for replacing her, maybe I should hide my excitement of Diego’s arrival? Thankfully my husband isn’t a jealous man. After all, I have endured his love affair with his amazing grill I bought him for Father’s Day. She is sleek, sexy, and has a nice rack. He named her Lucy, however, that is a story for another day.

Once this camera arrives, I will be working on creating beautiful blog stock images that can be purchased at a reasonable price. I adore photography and cannot wait to get going on this new project!


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