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8 Ideas to Inspire Artistic Creativity!

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Often I am asked, how do I find inspiration for the art I create? Truthfully, this is a multi-faceted answer. Below are 8 ideas I use when I wish to be creative.

We have all sat and stared at our computers or drawing boards. With a little diligence in trying to find inspiration, it can happen. Remember, starting all over from scratch is ten times harder.

With a little diligence in trying to find inspiration, it can happen. Remember, starting all over from scratch is ten times harder. Keep an

Keep an Inspirational Art Board, like mine on Pinterest.  Here is my other board that creates interest, Awesome Art board on Pinterest. I refer to it often.

8 Tips to Inspire Creativity

1. Emotional State

Artists aren’t creative 24/7, so what do we tap into so we can bring forth our creativity? Many things. The first for me is emotions. They can truly help or hinder my creative process, as one might have guessed. I find above all else, my emotional state is the best chance of creating free-flowing art.

Art has been used as a means of therapy and I find this true for myself. Harness the energy in you, after a bad day, I get lost in a painting and the stress truly begins to fade.


2. Go With The Flow

Getting too caught up in the process can sometimes hinder the current of imagination as it flows. Going with the feeling, quickly sketching out the idea and painting is one way I do what I do.

Too much time spent gathering brushes, papers, create the perfect art shrine that would make Picasso proud, doesn’t do it for me.

Some artists are lucky enough to have a gallery and space already set out. In some aspects, I do not. In my reality, art supplies are hidden like my little preciouses, Lord of the Ring Style because I have kids. Kids love shiny and colorful things, my things to be exact. I put away art supplies for years, trading Prismacolor pencils for Crayola crayons.

If you can’t beat them, you might as well join them, who doesn’t love to color? I digress. Go with the feeling when it strikes, if you don’t, by the time you are done gathering every last little pencil your inspiration may have disappeared.

When I let the art flow, I find it just pours forth. It is similar to driving and realizing you don’t remember the last 10 miles of your trip. I zone out like a Zen monk and I create. This is not how I always do things, but it can work for me. Harness the creation while you have it. Go with it, flow with it.

3. Lack of Distraction

Many of you may be parents and you will understand this. Constant distraction, much like the kiddo in the other room singing, as I type, can make concentrating tough. There are times I like to plan a quiet day. I love to craft, paint, and the ability to create something, anything.

Setting the stage for a quiet day, a glass of wine in hand and great music is another way to relax.

4. Music

I am a nerd, there I said it. I guess as a designer it may be time to get those nerdy black glasses. At least, they are in style now! Believe it or not, I listen to classical music. If you have heard of the Mozart effect, the correlation between music and learning, I believe there may be something to this. If you think I am crazy, try it for yourself.

5. Organization

While I do have an office for my graphic design and photo editing, I have yet to stake my claim on an area of our house where I can set out my drawing supplies. I have always dreamed of having an art studio, overlooking a stream, but what artist hasn’t!

The best I can do is keep my supplies organized in bins I can take out later. My next hope is to get a really nice art desk that I can store my supplies in.

Until that happens, organization is my friend and knowing where I put my babies, I mean art supplies is paramount.

6. Lack of Inspiring Ideas

There are days I want to draw, but I can’t think of anything to draw. Browsing the internet for a while to see if something strikes my fancy helps sometimes.

If I am in a complete idea drought, I will write 1 item I may want to draw on a slip of paper, placing many ideas in a bowl. I then draw out 4 or 5 slips of paper and then incorporate the idea written on them into a drawing. This is fun and challenging, try it!

Looking at other artists’ work is also a great way to see what is out there. In one painting I might draw items like a key, a hummingbird, a snail, a mushroom, you name it. I like the randomness of this technique, too.

For graphic design, I keep boards with Typography, Graphic Design Tutorials, Design Inspiration, Drawing Tutorials, and more!

7. Creating With Others

Some days it is fun to create with others. This is what I do with my children. They are now teens, but there have been times we have just made crafts out of salt dough, or painted. This is a wonderful outlet for children, too!

People don’t have to be master painters to enjoy the fun of conversation, a glass of wine and some creativity.

8. Just do it!

There are so many ways to find your own creativity, the first step is just do SOMETHING. Make yourself do it.Once you get going, it is amazing what may spring forth.


In conclusion, there are many strategies to help one be inspired, you just have to find what works for you! We all suffer burnout at times, but it can be overcome. Find strategies that work for you to help you create! Want more fun and creativity? Check out our page on Pinterest and stay up-to-date on all things Graphic Brewery on our Facebook page!

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