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Focusing on my art and graphic design!

Autumn, the Season I Love The Most!

Changing of seasons is why I am in love with Minnesota.  Autumn is absolutely my favorite time of year! Fiery hues paint the forest and now make way to the blues and grays of winter. Snow is just around the corner. Sweatshirts, fires, and spiced apple cider will be traded for snow shovels, parkas, and impending hibernation.

As I sit and type I am watching the autumn leaves drifting from our huge maple trees. Is it possible to have cabin fever before winter has even come? It is starting to look that way. Our fun-filled summer of bass fishing, enjoying our horses and just being outdoors is coming to an unfortunate and swift end. Goodbye autumn, the season I love most.

To beat the winter blues, this winter I have decided to really focus on taking my art to the next level. Thankfully my office has a view of the outdoors so I can watch the snow fly while I work. A warm cup of coffee and 2 snuggly dogs, curled around my feet, sounds like a pretty decent way to make a living. My view can’t be beaten and my co-workers are quite agreeable.

I shall batten down the hatches and get ready to settle in for our long, cold winter. I wish focus was the proper word as there are so many things I want to learn, create, and get more hands-on experience with! Every artist has a curse when faced with time, and how to fill it. Do I draw, do I learn more skills, school is out soon so supper should be made, ah!

Enlightenment has finally come that the first thing I shall need to do is determine the main direction for my business. Being creative leaves so many doors open. An artist wants to try any and all mediums, new techniques and learn even more types of art. Sometimes one must slow down to go faster! It is time to follow my heart and do what makes me the happiest. Each design and illustration have my heart and creativity poured into it.

My first love was drawing from as young as I can remember. Drawing is a talent that has been handed down many generations in my family. This is an immense gift that can’t be explained any other way than creative genetics. My family members are good artists, and by good I mean great! Not one of us has been trained in drawing, painting or otherwise until I went to school for graphic design. It seemed a natural fit.

Photography is a no-brainer, as a designer, photography is needed for the imagery you may need for your designs. Wildlife illustration has been a passion my whole life. In my career, I focused on ad designs for websites, marketing websites, and website design. The irony of this all is I said I would never work for a web company and I loved it.

To this day, my passion lies in designing ads for Facebook and websites. It is a quick design with immediate satisfaction. I get impatient with drawings and they end up in the closet for months or years, even, for this very reason. Not enough instant gratification. I like to see my designs done quickly. So it seems I have come to an answer to my dilemma. Ad design it is!

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Brandie Larson

About Brandie Larson

Hey there! Welcome to my site! I'm am a barely 40, mother of 2 teens girls and wife to my great husband, Drew. Creativity is in my blood, I am addicted to drawing, graphic design, photography and more. My newest addiction is blogging and my many years of marketing makes this a perfect fit for me. The outdoors has always been my happiness, from fishing to hiking, I love Minnesota! Pets are also a passion, our family also includes an English Mastiff, Dachshund, Gypsy Vanner horse, and 2 cats.