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Learn to Draw and Enjoy the Health Benefits

Learning to draw brings health benefits by reducing stress, helping chronic pain sufferers and reduces blood pressure. Learning to draw is something everyone can do!

Are you aware of the immense health benefits from drawing?

If you knew me in person, you would hear me talk about how art can be such a positive influence in many lives. When we draw or create, we are tapping into our emotions. We switch from the thinking mindset to the creating mind which offers tremendous stress relief.

Drawing provides what is called the relaxation response. By integrating eye, mind, and body movement on rhythmic and repetitive motions, your nervous system calms down. The relaxation response is an excellent way to bring down the fight-or-flight heightened state.

People that often deal with chronic pain or stress often have bodies that stay in the flight-or-flight mode, which is exhausting and can further damage your health.

Dropping the blood pressure and slowing of breathing are techniques practiced in mindful exercises that can help reduce pain and stress. Keeping your mind and body healthy is an excellent reason to start drawing, today.

Drawing brings about mindfulness. We have to concentrate on the here-and-now of placing pencil strokes. Shifting attention can calm down anxious or troublesome thoughts.

In a pain program, I attended, a technique for dealing with stress or pain was to look around the room and name in detail what I saw. This is precisely what you are doing when you sketch or paint. You stop and observe the fuzzy cat you are drawing. Your focus is drawn to the oranges and browns of the cat’s coat.

Art helps shut down the daily chatter that buzzes around in our brain and provides an awesome escape for our minds. Honestly, I would be crazy if I didn’t have the shut-off switch for my brain! It is truly possible to become the artist you didn’t think you could be!

My favorite drawing of an elephant was done at an especially hard time in my life when I was dealing with pain issues. Can you just see the feeling in each pen line, holy man I was a frustrated critter!

Amazing Elephant Drawing in Ink

Elephants Never Forget

Mindset is the biggest area that we need to unlock. How many of you say you are not talented enough to draw? Many I am betting. With a little fine tuning to your thought process, you can learn to be artistic and you will be just by having the desire.

Dealing with emotions is another excellent reason to get creative. God knows I am an emotional stuffer of the finest variety. I don’t think I have to point out how bad that is for your body?

Internalizing feelings is an incredibly harmful thing to do to your own well-being. Many of us don’t love therapy or the idea of talking to someone, so using art is a non-verbal way to express pent up emotions. Get those suckers out, don’t let them build up! Art therapy is amazing!

One of the best things about art is you really don’t have to learn skills. We all have easy access to a pencil and paper!  Have you seen the paintings that I am pretty sure my dog could do? Those are art. Being creative is putting to paper what you feel in your heart or mind.

If I am upset, I can paint with passionate colors and very hard brush strokes just to represent the anger I am feeling. It is the physical release that is therapy for me and the salvation for the person I might have choked.

What art isn’t is the ability to copy someone else’s work, that is copyright infringement, my friend. If you placed 10 artists in a room and asked them to make a sketch from a photograph of a turtle, the drawings would all differ! Some would be random brush strokes, perhaps, others might use realism.

My point is, art is whatever you want it to be. There is no right answer unless your crazy turtleneck wearing art instructor tells you what you have to draw!

We need to realize we are not often born masters of anything. Talent is begotten from passion. Every painting is done one brush stroke at a time. This means that any skill we wish to acquire we need to practice! All you need to have to supply is the desire.

Practice definitely makes anything we wish to master, easier. Muscle memory is something that develops when we do something repetitively. With practice, your muscles in your hands, wrists, and arms will move together more naturally.

I really think at this point, the health benefits are quite clear. Go take your sassy self and find what you love to do. Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be drawing, other hobbies will suffice. Crocheting, building, crafting, you name it, they are all wonderful ways to keep yourself healthy. 🙂

Take a look at my Pinterest board, My Drawings & Designs. This is all work I have done during a hard point in my life. My healing started one day when art came back into my life, the profound story that changed my life is here. Art is a life necessity for me, and other works can be seen in my portfolio.   We love to connect with others, come join us on our Facebook page!

We also have exciting news that we have opened a Facebook group. We are here to support blogging, art, and other chronic pain patients. The group is brand new, so it may take a few weeks to get a few followers, but stop on over, love to have ya! Join Graphic Brewery Distillery here!


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