Beautiful illustration of a colorful rainbow trout. Prints are for sale!

2017/2018 Minnesota Trout Stamp, Third Place Entry ~ Rainbow Trout

October 19, 2016

Amazing Elephant Drawing in Ink

Stunning Black & White Ink Elephant Drawing

December 31, 2015

Pet memorial drawing

Ink & Watercolor Pet Memorial of Dog, Rueger

October 19, 2015

Pen drawing of tortioise

Beautiful Tortoise Ink Drawing

September 26, 2015

Minnesota Whitetail Deer Fawn Photograph

September 25, 2015

Lake Superior Walleye Game Fish Ink Drawing

Lake Superior Fishing, Walleye Ink Drawing

September 25, 2015

Minnesota Wildlife Porcupine Photograph

Minnesota Wildlife Porcupine Photograph

September 23, 2015

Turtle, Photography, Marine LIfe

Beautiful Sea Turtle Photograph

September 22, 2015

Duck, Bird, Wood Duck, Wildlife Photography, Nature

Minnesota Beautiful Wood Duck Photography

September 21, 2015

Photography, animal, goat, ram, wildlife, domestic animal, barnyard animal

Ram Photography

September 21, 2015