Mood Boards For Your Branding

Creating a mood board for your business can help you brand your look. Utilizing consistent color schemes and fonts will give a proper voice to your brand. Get inspired by this awesome color!

What does your brand voice say? Is your business fun, energetic, soothing, healing, fresh, or vibrant? Portraying your voice with matching colors and fonts will help convey your message when used across your site and all social media platforms!

This mood board shows beautiful colors of yellows and greens to liven up cooking websites or blogs!

Do you bake and love to share recipes? Check out this beautiful color scheme with fresh hues!

Mood board showing soft and muted greens and tans!

Gorgeous vintage green color board!

This spiritual mood board has lovely colors of blue and purple to speak to life coaches or energy healing branding

I am in love with this blue and purple color palette! Use this color scheme for you coaching or spiritual business to convey serenity and peace!

This vintage color scheme mood board shows soft colors that appeal to shabby chic blogs!

Use vintage branding colors on your website or blog. This is perfect for shabby chic businesses that might be dedicated to home interior design or even furniture repurposing!

Blue tones are depicted on this mood board and would be perfect for energy healers, yoga, reiki masters, and travel blogs!

Spirituality is shown with lovely blue hues that would be perfect for a spiritual healer, Reiki master, or organic type site. Traveling blogs might also love this color scheme.

This branding board shows fresh berries to freshen up your cooking or recipe blog!

Lovely fresh berries color scheme to liven up your branding!

Travel pictures showing vibrant hues for use in travel branding.

Color schemes and branding showing great, vibrant travel colors.


This board contains beautiful coral colors for vintage branding appeal!

Gorgeous coral mood board colors!