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The Busy Mom’s Ultimate Guide to Finding Time to Blog!

By January 29, 2016Blogging
The Busy Mom's Ultimate Guide to Finding Time to Blog!

Blogging While Keeping Up With the Kardashians

Blogging is supposed to be easy, right? I thought it would be simple as a stay-at-home mom. Wrong. My 2-year stint has taught me injuries, activities, and medical visits exponentially rise. I wish I were kidding when I say we need a punch card to the orthopedic office. This is comical considering my teen girls, I lovingly refer to as the Kardashians, should be well past this clumsy stage! Currently, we have a child fresh out of ACL tendon reconstruction, and the other in a cast. Bubble wrap it is! With so much commotion it feels impossible to write or concentrate.Trying to find time at my computer is like Gollum finding his Precious, it barely happens! In turn, I would like to offer you some strategies to help you find time to blog and perhaps your sanity.

My Ten Time Commandments 

  1. Make your time sacred, keep your well filled. The minute our babies are born, we are supplied with a great dose of the “Parental Guilties” from day one. We have to fulfill ourselves to truly be of value to self, family, and work.
  2. Teach your children life lessons. Just because I am home, doesn’t mean I have to wait on people 24/7. Kids are capable of fending for themselves. It’s not necessary to attend to every crisis. I am important, what I need matters! Find age appropriate ways to teach your kids to help! Older kids can help clean, little ones can help pick up toys.
  3. Find a time that is the least likely to get interrupted. Instead of fighting the hustle-and-bustle that comes with after school, I find early morning while kids sleep or after bed works the best.
  4. Don’t over-commit. I found myself saying yes to everything since I was home with the kids. Realize, like a car, you need to keep gas in your tank and you can’t run on fumes. Learn to say no to extra commitments.
  5. Shut out distractions. I understand little ones need attention. I am fortunate enough to have older kids. Minimizing as many distractions as I can helps. I keep a clean desk, shut my snoring dog out of my office, ditch the phone, you get the idea. You may not get rid of all distractions, but the more the better!
  6. Keep a link spreadsheet of often used links. I find I refer to several links, daily. I use Excel and keep many tabs of information. One is for free stock photos, for example, another might be commonly used accounts and login information. The more I have at my fingertips, the less time searching. This means more writing time for you!
  7. Promote your blog, site or social media pages, daily. It doesn’t take too long to pin a few things every day to my Pinterest boards for Graphic Brewery. This can be done while waiting for an oil change! I can just as easily add a post to our Facebook Page!
  8. Keep your own time sacred. Fight the urge to play on Facebook. Your time is your time to promote what you love!
  9. Keep your house clean daily. A little effort daily adds up to a lot of time later! I feel less guilty to blog when my house is clean!
  10. Cook in bulk. I LOVE this tip. I figure out meals for the week that use common ingredients. I might make hamburger-based meals and cook up several meals and put them in the fridge. Chili, spaghetti, tacos, are done at one time. Fewer dishes, less time cooking weekly, and meals the kids can grab. It so helps!

These tips have really helped me be a happier, more resourced parent. In turn, I find more time to do what I love. As parents, we all need to make sure life doesn’t just happen. My life spiraled into chaos before I realized how much I needed to change. Life is now more peaceful and organized. I hope you find something of value that creates time for you! Check out our blogging resource boards on Pinterest and stay up-to-date on all things Graphic Brewery on our Facebook page!

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