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Things You Should Know Before Having Your Logo Designed.

This blog post takes a look at information everyone should know before designing your logo.

There is often a lot of confusion on which programs to use when designing  a logo. Let’s take a look at how a designer would utilize the proper program for logo designs.

1. Things You Should Know Before Having Your Logo Designed.
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The first building block of your identity is your logo, it is important to get this right. This is not the place to cut corners. While you most likely won’t be designing your logo, I still want to give you good advice to make sure it is done properly.

It’s worth every ounce of investment to hire a professional designer, avoiding future headaches. Design programs take years to master and are on the expensive end of software. You can save money on many other areas where graphics are involved, but not this one.

When taking the first steps of logo design, it is important your logo is designed as a vector image in a vector program like Illustrator or CorelDRAW, not Photoshop. I repeat, do not allow your designer to create your logo in Photoshop, use Illustrator.

A vector program means your logo will be scalable. Vector programs are used in drawing or illustrating. Photoshop is raster or pixel based and edits pixels, which make up photos, not scalable logos that can be made larger.


Why I use Illustrator, or a vector program to create logos, compared to Photoshop, or a raster based program.

Choosing a vector program, such as Illustrator, is important for your logo. Read on…

Work-around ideas, again, not the best plan.

Most programs you find for free will only allow you to create raster images, meaning you can never make your logo bigger, essentially it will be the wrong kind of file if you ever care to do certain print jobs that require a larger version of your logo.

I do get people can only afford so much as they get started and people utilize what they can get their hands on. Just remember, you will need to fix your logo later if you go this route!

One idea to find a more affordable logo would be to contact a college, new students are hustling for money. There are sites out there like FIVVER, but I haven’t heard the best reviews, especially if you need that designer down-the-road.

Another solution would be to design a very simple logo, in say Canva, and then ask a designer if they can recreate it for you in the proper format.

It should be cheaper this way. Just remember, designers have the proper training that teaches them why to do things the way they do!

What you create may not always be easy for a designer to recreate, so keep that in mind.

You may just be money ahead getting it designed correctly, the first time.

If you absolutely can’t afford to pay a designer, you could use a simple text logo. This will be enough to get you through to the next phase, but it isn’t ideal. You can revisit logo designing, later, when you’ve made more money.

Unfortunately, you will end up facing the same problems, later, if your design isn’t a vector image.

Take a peek at the graphic below, if you need to use text, think of different ways you could write a name.

Why does proper design matter?

Your entire marketing and branding strategies will center around your image and colors. The pies de resistance is your logo.

What if a friend were to tell you they could design your logo, for your widget business, for free? Afterall, they’ve fiddled around in Photoshop.

They could save you a ton of money. Great, right? Wrong. Hella wrong on so many levels.

What your friend didn’t tell you was this: If your logo is designed in Photoshop, someday you will be dead in the water. Your friend did a great job of designing your logo to fit your website.

It looks pretty decent as far as widget logos go. Two years down the road, as you become successful selling widgets, you decide to go to a tradeshow.

You’ve invested enough to buy a trailer and rent a booth space. Great, time to get signs. Off to the sign shop you go, standing at the counter you explain your sign request and order your sign.

Everything goes well until the print employee opens up your logo file. The size is way too small and any attempts to resize it larger produce a blurry, pixelated mess.

The logo was created in the wrong program, Photoshop produces raster files, which do not scale up, only down! Now you are sunk because you need various sizes of your logo.

What. Went. Wrong???

Your friend should’ve used Illustrator, a program that doesn’t work in pixels, but rather mathematical anchor points. Illustrator is specifically made to create art that is resizable and editable.

It is important to be able to maintain visual consistency, your logo needs to look good in all sizes. If your friend does not understand how to set up your art or logo properly, they can also cost you extra money and more headaches.

The original price of a logo from a designer isn’t nearly as expensive as all the messed up print jobs and time lost fixing all the files with the bad logo.

Just remember this in your logo endeavors, your logo is going to be used on a variety of things and in many sizes.

Invest in your business, invest in you. I have used my logo for my website, social media, screen printing, signage, business cards and more! Imagine all the sizes needed to fit my needs!

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