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Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Benefits Your Business Goals



Before I started virtual assisting, I never gave much thought to how valuable an assistant can be. I am always under water with tasks to be completed. So often I feel like I never get to tasks that make a difference in my business.  As a graphic designer, I love the ability to help my clients with a variety of graphic design tasks! Let us take time-consuming tasks off your plate!

If you hire us, we can assist you with:

  • Social Media Posts
  • Social Media Management
  • Social Media Designing
  • Responding To Clients
  • Social Media Profile Image Designs
  • E-book Covers
  • Blog Planner Designs
  • Cookbook Covers
  • Schedule and Confirm Appointments
  • Book Travel Arrangements
  • Screen Emails and Respond
  • Make Calls

Let Us Help You!

So why on earth do you want or need a Virtual Assistant, anyway?

Consider these 8 reasons to gain more clarity on a decision to hire a VA!

  1. Productivity. Virtual Assistants can take a lot off your plate to allow you to be productive.
  2. Do What You Love. Admin work sidelines you and you want someone to hand the mundane tasks to.
  3. Progression. What if you could focus on actionable items that launch you further in your career?
  4. Less Multi-tasking. Whittle down the number of projects requiring your attention, focus on more that matters.
  5. Better Results. Research has shown, context shifting, or shifting from 1 to many projects at a time kills your productivity.
  6. You’re Not Committed To Employees. You aren’t tied to a full-time employee, you can use a Virtual Assistant, as needed.
  7. Less Personnel Headaches. You are freed from handling hiring and personnel issues.
  8. Propel Business Forward. Imagine if there were more than one of you!

Here are prices if you are interested in hiring us!

Virtual Design Assistance

Platinum ~40 Hours ~ $1480/mo.
Gold ~30 Hours
 ~ $1140/mo.
Silver ~20 Hours ~ $790/mo.
Bronze ~ 10 hours ~ $430/mo.

*I am happy to discuss your project with you on a free 20 minute consultation call.